4 creative garden design ideas

July 08, 2016Posted by Carlos Garcia


No need to keep that lawn looking bland and boring. And it has nothing to do with passers-by thinking what a boring life this person must be leading if all they can do with their garden is do the lawn mowing. It’s all about showing some creativity and adding to the house something that will make it more pleasing for the eye – for yourself – and maybe even adding something practical so that you can actually enjoy more time in the garden. Yes, many people actually don’t go to their gardens just because they are too boring to be in. So think practical and use your imagination to come up with something interesting. Here are some ideas you can explore:

Eastern Pond Style

Ever wondered how your garden would look if you had a pond there? Well, with a bit of expert landscaping you can add a small pond and some decor around it where you can sit on a rock or a chair around it and enjoy quality time in a piece of heaven, or read a book in something resembling nature. Think about all the types of ponds you can use, and all the decor that can go with them. You can add underwater plants and even enjoyable vibrant colours around the pond to show off with.

Chess Board Garden

A very creative way to spruce up a garden is by using some patterns and some particular plan. So how about you do your planting in separate, evenly divided, and patterned squares, such as a chessboard? It is a wonderful idea, because you can use only one type of square for gardening, and use the ones around it as a platform where you can step on and do your gardening peacefully. This will make watering and weed control a piece of cake. It also doesn’t have to be a flower garden – you can add fruits and vegetables as well!

The Floral Patio

Do you like lush gardens? If yes, then how about you have a full meadow of tall flowers, and landscape it so that there is a straight path in the middle and a simple patch of land in their midst, where you can set up a table, a parasol, and some chairs, or even a garden sofa to enjoy time in nature. This will be your little piece of Eden where you can spend time with friends, or hide amidst the flowers when you want to get some peaceful reading done.

The Lounge Garden

And while the summer is still in full bloom, maybe you want a nice place to rest and relax under the sun. This calls for a simple patio – something like a coffee table and lounge chairs – and something that will entertain you while you are enjoying the sun bath. Make it vibrant and plant colourful plants to surround you and make you feel like a summer god or goddess as you take in all the sunrays, basking in the colours around you.

Ponder on these ideas as you brainstorm for garden designs. You can use them as a base and then think about all the different ways you can add more colour to your life and more vibrancy to the garden. And then enjoy the creation and relax.