How to Create a Low-Maintenance Garden

July 12, 2016Posted by Carlos Garcia


Garden maintenance often requires too much time and efforts. If you are a gardening expert and you enjoy spending more time in the backyard, then it won’t be a big problem for you. However, if you are too busy at work and don’t have enough time to take care of your plants, then you might need to consider creating a low-maintenance garden. Here you can find the basic steps for turning your favourite garden into a simple for maintenance place.

Step 1: Decide how big your garden will be

The size of your garden depends on the time that you can spend in it. If you decide to make your garden smaller, then it will require less work and time. If your garden is bigger, it means that you will have more things to take care of. The preparation of the ground will be harder. You will have to deal with weeding and pest control. Watering will also be much harder. Harvesting will take you a lot of time. Before choosing the plants that you want to grow in your garden, think of its size. Keep in mind that a smaller garden will be the perfect choice for you, if you are too busy and can’t find enough time.

Step 2: Take a special garden care at the very beginning

Make sure that you’ve chosen the right place for planting. Pay special attention to providing the best growing conditions to your plants. This way you will make it easier for a future maintenance. Choose mostly sunny locations as plants need sun to grow well. Make sure that the soil is healthy and rich in nutrients. You can test it at the beginning to find out what it is rich of and what should be added. A healthy soil means healthy plants. Water the plants well.

Step 3: Design an easy to maintain garden

Whatever you do in your garden, make sure that it won’t complicate the gardening maintenance. Make pathways to navigate your garden more easily. Divide the garden into sections.

Step 4: Plant healthy and sturdy plants

Make sure that the seeds that you sow in your garden are fresh. You need to grow healthy plants right from the start in order to maintain rich and healthy soil.

Step 5: Remove weeds regularly

A good garden care definitely involves weed removing. Always remove the weeds regularly. This way it will be easier for you. It is much easier to pull small weeds than large ones.

Step 6: Always try to protect your garden from predators

You can build a fence against bigger predators like rabbits and deer. Peppermint is also very powerful and will make it easier for you to get rid of rabbits. You can keep the harmful insects away by spraying with natural pesticides. You can also plant some special plants that attract good bugs or prevent the bad ones.

Step 7: Involve your family in gardening

It will be more fun if you spend time in the garden in the company of your husband/wife or your kids. Gardening can be a perfect exercise for you. You will also make your garden easier to be maintained because more hands will be working on it. You can give your kids daily gardening tasks. That way you will improve their gardening skills and knowledge.

By maintaining your own garden you make sure that your family eats fresh and really healthy fruits and vegetables. You don’t have to worry about the pesticides and fertilizers that might be used. You can control their usage. Most of the times, you can use a natural fertilizer for your soil. It can be done by composting. It is a great way to make the soil richer and more nutrient. If you pay special attention to your garden at the very beginning, you will make sure than the future maintenance will be a lot easier. Your plants will be healthier and stronger. Make sure that you don’t make your garden larger than it should be. As we already mentioned a large garden will require more time and garden care. Always give your garden what it needs. Water it regularly. Take care of the weeds. Build a fence in order to keep predators away. And last but not least, get more people involved in gardening. You can spend more time with your family and enjoy planting your favourite fruits and vegetables. Gardening can actually be a lot of fun. Try and see for yourself!