5 Stunning Ideas That Will Make Your Home Awesome

July 08, 2016Posted by Carlos Garcia


Do you think that your home is boring? You can do so much to change that, you know? There are literally hundreds and thousands of things that can be changed, removed, or added in order to make the home an awesome place to be. Even the simplest little changes can have a big impact if done properly. No need to get an interior designer for the ideas – you can do that after you know what you want to do and then just have someone do the decor. Pick the ideas you want, not what someone might want to impose on you. You want your ideas to personalise the home, not someone to give you alien ideas that you might like at the moment, but resent after a few days. To help you, here are five carefully chosen ideas that could help you with the awesome-ing of your home:

#1 – The “Shape” Chandelier

As already mentioned, even the smallest changes can have a big impact. And you would not believe what kind of an impact a simple change of a chandelier can have. Add a chandelier that consists of lights surrounded by shapes and discover how fast your room will turn from a well-lit place into pretty much anything your imagination can handle. Pick one with tree shapes and you will be constantly surrounded by shadowy trees. Pick one with animals to feel like you are in the jungle. The ideas are endless, as long as you can find the right shapes, or – ultimately – simply make them yourself.

#2 – Hammock Sofa/Bed

Having a hammock in the house is one of the best ideas you could come up with. If you have a place to hang it from, get the type of hammock you want and then think of a place. In front of the big screen TV? In the bedroom? In the kids’ room? Place it anywhere and then enjoy leisurely rests anytime you decide to lie down and relax in the hammock. We do hope you don’t wriggle too much in your sleep, or it might get cut short with a fall.

#3 – Stair Storage

Do you know how to deal with clutter? Simple – crate a storage area under the stairs. It is the best place for items you rarely use, and it frees up so much room in the home: you get a place to store things from the cellar and attic; you get more free space for other ideas; you get book space if you want to turn it into an under-stairs library; you get footlocker space if you go to the gym regularly and you want something sporty conveniently placed next to the door. The ideas of how to use your new storage space are yours alone and pretty much limited only to the amount of items you have to store away.

#4 – Kitchen Vertical Herb Garden

Just think about that – having your own vertical garden in the kitchen and getting all your herbs fresh from there. This, of course, requires you to have some knowledge in both cooking and gardening, but if you do – or after you acquire it – you can start setting up those planters and pots and that vertical rack. Arrange them in any way you want, start planting, and keep all the cooking as fresh as possible with herbs taken straight from the pot. How does that sound in terms of expert cooking? You can start small, of course, with a few pots till you get used to it and then go as big as you can or want to.